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Designed to connect and convert with no worries

Our role is simple – to help our clients demonstrate their value and work profitably online. Let’s see if we could be the right fit to understand your business and equip it with a web presence that’s geared for results!

This site version sees us back to a single page design that sprang from an initial prompt of Bauhaus inspiration, with a new version coming shortly. Scroll down to find out more about us and how we can help with your website ideas and improvements.

The quality is excellent, it stems from the interest in our company and what makes us tick. This was the reason we chose Degas Guruve – it was the only company who actually cared about the final product, rather than try and impress us with technical language. The fact you were present all day during photography (on a fixed fee) made a real difference in terms of the final quality and how it ties into the site. It made everyone feel like it was a ‘project’, as opposed to just a job for you.

Dexter Bonner, Partner – Powell & Co Solicitors LLP

Very pleased with the finished site, it was up and running much quicker than I had thought. Still amazed how you grasped the complex client portal requirement, it is better than what was briefed and glitch free!

Tony Chapman, Director – Intype Libra

Degas.. who?

Degas Guruve has been taking commissions from clients to deliver a range of websites and emarketing projects since 2005.

Jeremy Walker, Degas Guruve web servicesIt’s run by myself, Jeremy Walker, who you’ll likely find yourself dealing directly as hands-on lead for most projects and liaison with specialist colleagues when we need an extended team.

Sometimes it’s ‘me’ and other times it’s ‘we’, but the aims are always the same – bringing your ideas, character and web requirements to life, then to convert customer interest into your intended results.

Tangible returns

Who do we work with?

New companies, organisations and individuals looking to build their first web site, requiring web design, content management or ecommerce setups, particular functionalities and marketing input.

And those already established, looking to improve on their existing features, visual appeal and online returns.

Robbie Carpenter website
Home Exposure website
Powell & Co website
Insight school of Art website
North London Artist Network website

Why work with Degas Guruve?

Unique, purposeful, well planned sites
There’s quite a mix that goes into a successful website that works to inspire interest, enquiries and sales. A good site requires skill, understanding and sheer graft to navigate, flow and function properly.

Matching your needs with your customers
Working together starts with finding out about your business and what both you and your customers need from the site, with special consideration for objectives such as target audience, competition, promotional tactics and success metrics.

Bringing your business to life
Then we’ll look at developing ideas, strategies and value propositions into a smart, organised vision we can bring to life with your content, visual identity and any brand positioning.

User friendly and designed for wins
User perspective is key – our overriding design consideration is always to attract your visitors to undertake the journeys and actions you’ve targeted for them, and to provide an efficient, uncomplicated environment for running the site.

Good client relations
We work with a variety of clients who all value our clear explanations, direct interaction, quick responses and – as you’d expect – keeping up to date with the ways of the web (especially the growth of mobile web and social media).

Support? You’ve got it!
Each project receives the care and attention it deserves, from initial scope to launch and beyond. We remain personally connected with most of our clients and continue to support the work we produce for them, so you’re never on your own!

What’s with a site today?

Once it was just about having a website, then offering one with answers.

Now it’s about having sites that work to connect and convert across today’s range of devices, combining with your other sales and marketing channels to suitably show you off, build online relationships and deliver tangible results.

Sector Forensics website
Dan Wrightson website
CAI Vision website
Richard Bailey Associates website

So, how much is a website?

That’s determined by how much time we need to allocate to your project with its particular features, functionalities and scale. Wherever possible we’ll meet to get to know each other and go through everything in detail to find the best fit for your requirements and budget.

All our website and emarketing projects are uniquely custom crafted. As a guide, our website design/builds over the last year have cost between £1,000 and £4,500 alongside the other site-related work we’ve undertaken too.

No hidden fees
Our fees are formulated where possible on a fixed project basis, with any additional costs arising outside the original quoted scope clearly flagged as we go.

Dawn Gay website
Mental Health Challenge website
High Living Barnet website
Orion Forklift & Plant website
Crystal Palace Foundation website

What’s in a name?

Degas Guruve first surfaced in an early sketchbook then gave its name to a digital showcase before our current web agency incarnation. There’s definitely a nod to T-Rex’s ‘Metal Guru’ and the pure rush which first flicked a young boy’s light switch.

Nick Reeve Music website
Appt Corporation website
Intype Libra website

Connect and grow

For eleven years we’ve managed to help quite a number of businesses, charities and local organisations make their mark online, working together on a range of web designs, builds and associated services.

Website Design + Redesign

Web design is primarily problem solving, that’s finding the best ways to support your needs and encourage your visitors to complete the actions you require of them.

Web Development + Coding

Whether you’re looking for straightforward or highly involved functionality, we write lean bespoke scripts and configure suitable plugins to best drive your site.

Ecommerce + Shopping Carts

From a simple checkout facility to PCI or full ERM integration, we’ll find the most suitable shopping solution for your requirements and style it to match.

Responsive: from mobiles to desktops

All the web sites we create are responsively designed to adapt to each visitor’s device and screen size, offering the most productive and user friendly site experience.

Support + Site Maintenance

After your project goes live we can help keep things running with our annual site management which offers prompt support, reporting and ongoing maintenance.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

The latest CMS such as WordPress are flexible, scalable and highly cost effective, allowing you to easily update your content from the office, home or on the move.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Whilst primarily aimed at your visitors, all our sites are carefully designed to show your particular relevance to the search engines (and we can help off-page too).

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

When immediate results are needed, our PPC (Pay Per Click) service looks after your keywords, adverts and landing pages to generate targeted conversions.

And More: Hosting, Graphics, Video…

Ask about our related services, from hosting and domain registration to video, graphics, copywriting and converting artwork to website files.

Excellent value delivered with quiet and effective assurance, professional know-how and a creative eye. Jeremy never makes the solution more complex than it needs to be; he listens, delivers and understands that the web site is there to help our business, not be another headache.

Greg Purkis, Principal Manager – The Fostering Partnership

Very happy with the quality of work and the level of help offered, in particular turning things around very quickly and responding to new requests and brief modifications from some of the partners. Jeremy was very easy to work with and always willing to help resolve problems and provide guidance.

Alero Harrison, Project Manager – Local Healthwatch

Latest launch

Sector Forensics website

Sector Forensics

The Windows Metro style was the starting point for this tech conscious redesign. It realigns the company’s breadth of computer forensics expertise and expert witness experience into a much more purposeful website for its target demographic.

View site

Recent web projects

We work closely with our clients to design easy-to-manage sites that reflect your personality and clearly convey what you offer. See some recent examples of what we do, clicking on each image takes you to its live site in a new window.

Powell & Co website (opens in new window)
Powell & Co:The main purpose here was to better communicate Powell & Co's friendly professional ethos alongside their specialist legal strengths. Enquiries are now more targeted, with improved on-page SEO helping to boost traffic levels.
CAI Vision website (opens in new window)
CAI Vision:This smart redesign consolidates CAI Vision’s Smart Home, Audio Visual and Security offerings into an informative website structure that complements their ongoing marketing to residential and commercial customers.
Home Exposure website (opens in new window)
Home Exposure:This design refresh has cleaner, more expansive layouts to better show off Home Exposure's property photography and marketing services whilst highlighting their recent activities in the client section for orders and file deliveries.
Sue-mo Entertainments website (opens in new window)
Sue-mo Entertainments:A brighter, clearer layout reflects Sue-mo's position as the UK’s leading independent celebrity talent booking agency. Our redesign works to highlight their core offerings and tie in with their latest rebranding.
PublishNation website (opens in new window)
PublishNation:The PublishNation site was redesigned with a defined demographic in mind to encourage more author contact and manuscript submissions. The marked initial traffic rise and consistent enquiries bode well for the future.
High Living Barnet website (opens in new window)
High Living Barnet:This fresh and easy-to-manage local site has aspirational articles, events and recommended listings along with a flexible range of advertising spots, all housed within a colour scheme that echoes its town and country mix.
Sonica Studios website (opens in new window)
Sonica Studios:The brief was to better communicate the benefits of Sonica’s premium post production and voiceover facilities, then highlight these for a greater international reach; this clean new redesign works to accomplish just that.
William Slocombe website (opens in new window)
William Slocombe:Something different for this graphic designer showcase with its particular, highly minimal aesthetic that employs extra scripting for the horizontal scrolling used to travel through Will's latest project pages.

See some more?
Mental Health Challenge website (opens in new window)
Mental Health Challenge:To help increase signups and interactions, this redesign now includes mental health champion profiles with dynamic maps, members' area library and forum plus a more focused content structure throughout.
Studiostars website (opens in new window)
Studiostars:Redesigned to help visitors quickly grasp the benefits of Studiostars’ premium recording studio party service with consistent visual appeal, social proof and calls to action plus much improved gallery engagement for their customers.
Bookseller Crow website (opens in new window)
Bookseller Crow:This smart new redesign works to display our favourite bookshop’s character and value with articles, events, great book selections in their shopping facility and a double focus on store visits and growing their mailing list.
Intype Libra website (opens in new window)
Intype Libra:A compact single page frontspiece is complemented by the site's main feature, a client portal facility which allows for uploading, ordering and managing print jobs with extra consideration for a user friendly experience.
Appt Corporation website (opens in new window)
Appt Corporation:We’ve split the new site for McDonald’s franchisee Appt Corporation into two areas, with one introducing their restaurants, community initiatives and career opportunities and the other about Managing Director Atul Pathak.
North London Artist Network website (opens in new window)
North London Artist Network:Of course this new artists site needed to be highly visual, but its heart is an easy-to-use CMS that combines individual artist's gallery pages with events listings, ecommerce / members-only facilities and blog.
Robbie Carpenter website (opens in new window)
Robbie Carpenter:Robbie’s scrolling site introduced his dressage workshops to the US market. Its soft sell approach, combining his particular training ethos with videos and testimonials, has resulted in consistent enquiries and a number of new clients.
Insight School of Art website (opens in new window)
Insight School of Art:The updated look co-ordinates all site aspects in a modern, minimalist style. Shop and blog sections mix consistently with course information and gallery pages, all clearly leading off from a smart, eye catching frontspiece.
Orion Forklift and Plant website (opens in new window)
Orion Forklift and Plant:We’ve extended Orion's landing pages into a redesigned and restructured whole which now combines enquiry facilities for the full range of their respective plant and machinery interests.
Dan Wrightson website (opens in new window)
Dan Wrightson:We’ve helped re-evaluate and properly show off Dan’s core offerings as a working artist with new galleries and extra visual impact plus a site structure that’s geared for easy navigation, sharing information and encouraging contact.

Work together?

Web ideas, issues or queries? Let's see how we can help, and remember to include enough information for us to respond to proposal requests.

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