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A great deal goes into a successful site

Here’s a quick Advent checklist with prompts to keep you on top of your game. Check back for a new entry each day until Christmas.

1/24 Be remembered

for what you produce

Are you giving your customers a memorable online experience?

2/24 Visitors

Without them, you have nothing

Are you attracting the right type, in the right numbers?

3/24 Instant impact

First seconds make all the difference

Are you giving the best initial impression to potential customers/clients?

4/24 Purpose

Generate interest, target tangible returns

Are you focused on getting results from your site?

5/24 Your website is

for your visitors

Are you fully geared for meeting customers’ needs and expectations?

6/24 Authority

Reflect your business standing, highlight your particular expertise

Are you a leader in your field, an authority in your market?

7/24 Web design is

signposting and encouraging actions

Are you being clear with your customers?

8/24 Proposition

What's in it for your customers

Are you offering your visitors an effective promise to boost/reinforce brand awareness or stand out from your competitors?

9/24 SEO

Be relevant, be found, be competitive

Are you optimising the search terms you’d like to be listed for, including location?

10/24 Certainty

Don't confuse or make me wonder

Are there any site aspects or jargon which leave your visitors feeling unclear that you could fix?

11/24 Testimonials

Social proof helps give confidence in what you offer

Are you showing how highly your customers value you?

12/24 Freshen up

with what's new, what's current

Are you keeping your content up-to-date?

13/24 Be different

Stand out for yourselves

Are you reflecting your own business character in your site’s style and content?

14/24 Efficiency

Optimise your business flow

Are you looking for appropriate time-saving opportunities with your site?

15/24 Measure

Make sense of your metrics

Are you checking your traffic sources and page activity to see how well your site is working?

16/24 Expectations

Stage a suitable site experience

Are you giving your visitors what they are looking for?

17/24 Speed

Don't make me wait

Are you making sure your pages load promptly without any undue delays?

18/24 Takeaways

Build ongoing relationships

Are you offering any valuable extras to download, sign up for, link to or shop with?

19/24 Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure

Are you secure, updated and backed up?

20/24 Real estate

Justify the position on the page

Are you making the best use of your most prominent spaces?

21/24 Promote

Get my attention

Are you regularly highlighting your site and raising awareness of what it offers across other channels?

22/24 Style

Design decisions to improve user experience

Are you giving your visitors a smart, well-considered site appearance across its various elements?

23/24 Content

Your offerings, your story

Are you communicating convincingly with suitable readability and visual interest?

24/24 Deliver

Results are sanity, everything else is vanity

Are you converting site interest into leads and sales?

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